Sari Teas

Branding, Design


Sari believes strongly in the natural, highly impactful healing benefits of herbs and plants as they provide us with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that restore and aid our body’s natural balance. The company was created to deliver these benefits to anyone mindful of their health in an easy, convenient way primarily through

handcrafted herbal teas but also using other herb-based products.


The Challenge

Sari wanted a redesign of their identity to reflect the African roots of the brand while still maintaining elements of the original design. They also wanted a package design for their products. One that distinctively shows the range of flavours they have.

The Solution

Working with the founder and CEO, I took a deep and thorough analysis into the existing visual identity and how customers related to the brand. I then proceeded to create different iterations that featured the African map using elements from the initial symbols.

The designed solution reflects a collage of tea leaves and herbs, giving the brand the desired identity.